Apple competitors have already started developing analogues of Face ID

Apple competitors have already started developing analogues of Face ID

Even before Apple introduced the iPhone X, many smartphone manufacturers on Android were confident that the revolutionary nature of this device would consist in the location of the fingerprint scanner beneath the display. Many competitors immediately rushed to develop similar solutions to outstrip Cupertino, and some managed to achieve certain success in this. However, Apple all this time looked quite in a different direction, and now the adherents of the green robot have to dramatically change the course of motion.

As our favorite analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities reports, after the premiere of iPhone X, component suppliers recorded more than threefold increase in the number of orders for 3D scanners for use in mobile devices. This shows one thing: in the camp Android decided to develop systems similar to TrueDepth and Face ID.

As sources in the industry report, the manufacturers realized that the fingerprint scanner located under the display is just an improved version of the existing user identification system, while face scanning is a truly innovative function. And as always, in order for them to understand this, Apple had to release a new model of the iPhone.


As the analyst reports, the transition to a subscreen fingerprint scanner is complicated by the fact that such a system only works with expensive OLED displays, and this removes companies focusing on LCD screens from the game field and puts the industry under even stronger dependence on Samsung . As for face recognition, it is, as you might guess, having no connection with what display the manufacturer would prefer to install on its smartphone.

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