Apple told about the important features of the camera of your iPhone

The iPhone camera of any generation is capable of direct shooting of a solar eclipse without risk of failure, writes The USA Today referring to Apple representatives. Unlike the vast majority of competitor devices sensitive to sizzling light, smartphones from Cupertino do not need a special filter to capture this phenomenon of nature.

“You can direct your iPhone to the sun to take a picture, and not worry about the safety of the lens or matrix,” Apple representatives told The USA Today. “The same is true when shooting a solar eclipse.” Nevertheless, company employees warned, this does not mean that for human eyes the view of the eclipse will pass as easily as for the camera.

In the world, it is reasonably believed that direct viewing of the solar eclipse is pernicious not only for the retina of the human eye, but also for phototechnics. Remember how easy it is to set fire to a sheet of paper by sending sunlight through a magnifying glass. But in fact at the moment of eclipse with the matrix of a conventional camera, something similar happens. A hole in it you will not burn, but spoil it – for one or two.

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