The best advertising of the year according to Epica Awards

In the list — “Fearless Girl”, “screaming” Donald Trump and the fake account of a 25-year-old Frenchwoman who turned out to be a social advertisement.

Organizers of the international competition Epica Awards announced a selection of the best advertising projects of 2017. The jury, which included representatives of more than 50 countries, selected winners in five main categories: Design, Video, Media, Online Campaigns and Outdoor Advertising.

“Today, more than ever before, brands are responsible for sending a positive message to the world. The winners selected by us completely cope with this task, while creating the best examples of branding, storytelling and design,” said the head of the jury and leading strategist Vice Media Spencer Beym.

“Online campaigns”

The best advertisement in this category was the project Like My Addiction, implemented as part of the campaign against alcoholism in France. Last summer, on Instagram appeared the account, created on behalf of 25-year-old Louise Delage. It regularly showed pictures showing how the girl spends time in bars, on the beaches and in the company of friends. Instagram quite quickly gained more than 40 thousand subscribers. Soon they learned that Louise was suffering from alcohol dependence. This is constantly hinted at pictures from her account: on all photos, Louise held a glass of wine or a can of beer.

Cheers ! ?

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“Outdoor advertising”

In this category, the main prize of the Epica Awards went to the statue “Fearless Girl”, which in early March was installed opposite the “Attacking Bull” sculpture on Wall Street in New York. Work immediately became a point of attraction for tourists and local residents — it began to be called the symbol of the struggle for women’s equality. At first, it was planned that the sculpture would last just a month and be dismantled. However, the work was so appealing to the people of New York that the city authorities agreed to leave it there for at least another year.

The best advertising of the year according to Epica Awards
Statue: Fearless Girl


The best samples of advertising in this category were recognized by the jury at once two works. One of them is the Christmas advertisement of the Polish Allegro campaign. Video, just over a week gathered more than 4 million views, talks about an elderly man, who begins to learn English, preparing for a trip to the UK.

The second winner is a video, which was filmed by the organization Sandy Hook Promise. It was founded by the relatives of the victims of the massacre, committed by the 20-year-old Adam Peter Lanza in the primary school “Sandy Hook” in 2012. Video stylized for a love story — but you viewer will know the real story only at the end.


The best in this category was titled the advertisement of the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel. In the summer, the publication issued a poster dedicated to US President Donald Trump.



The winner is the project of the non-profit organization Innocence Canada. It helps people convicted of crimes that they did not commit. To develop their logo Innocence Canada attracted those who helped to go free.

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