Curiosity celebrates 5 years on Mars

Mars rover Curiosity arrived on Mars on August 6, 2012, becoming the nineteenth launched NASA device. Its main objectives were to find out whether Mars had suitable conditions for life, to collect detailed data on the climate and geology of Mars and to prepare for landing humans on Mars.

The three-meter rover weighs 899 kg and moves at a speed of up to 144 m/h. It is equipped with cameras, a set of remote study instruments, a spectrometer, a soil scoop, a set of meteorological equipment. In total, it has 10 scientific instruments for studying the external conditions on the surface of Mars and 17 color and black-and-white cameras for navigation and filming.

Since the landing, Curiosity has overcome more than 16 km and climbed 165 m along the slope of Mount Sharpe. He found traces of an ancient stream, determined the mineral composition of the Martian soil, drilled the surface of Mars for the first time in history and extracted samples of solid ground. On the ground, the work of the rover is provided by more than 400 people.

It was assumed that the mission will last about two years. But the rover still continues to move around the planet, making new samples and sending to the Earth fresh pictures of the landscapes of Mars.


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