Facebook will use Artificial Intelligence to monitor potential suicides

A special team of employees will try to prevent suicide.

Facebook will use Artificial Intelligence to monitor potential suicides

In the UK, the suicide rate among women has risen to the highest level in the last decade, while men end their lives with suicide three times more often. Facebook decided to deal with depressing statistics and created an artificial intelligence that will track which users are at risk, reports Dazed. Currently, such a system works only in the US, but soon it will be implemented in other countries. The exception is the European Union with its special laws, which the company’s vice-president Guy Rosen refused to talk about.

To date, Facebook has not disclosed almost any technical details of the new program. However, it is known that the system is looking for certain phrases that may indicate the possibility of suicide even indirectly — for example, “Are you okay?” Or “Can I help?”. If artificial intelligence finds a potential suicide, then warns a special team of Facebook employees. At the same time, the program advises the user, who is in the risk zone, resources like emergency telephone lines. Sometimes, social network workers may be asked to intervene with local authorities.


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