HBO ceased cooperation with Louis C.K. because of charges of indecent behavior

FX channel, where the series “Louis” comes out in 2010, will decide on the current situation in the near future.

HBO ceased cooperation with Louis C.K. because of charges of indecent behavior
Man on the photo: Louis C.K.

The management of HBO announced the termination of cooperation with the American comedian Louis C.K. after several female colleagues accused him of obscene behavior. In the New York Times, published on November 9, they told that Louis C.K. masturbated in their presence or asked for permission to do so, writes Hollywood Reporter.

The HBO statement says that from the channel catalog all programs in which the comedian was shot will be removed. He will also not take part in the charity transfer of Night of Too Many Stars to help people with autism, the release of which is scheduled for November 18.

American cable channel FX, which is already 7 years old comedy series Louis C.K. “Louie”, has not yet refused to cooperate with the comedian. However, the management of FX is concerned about accusations against him. “We are shocked by the publication of The New York Times. For eight years of cooperation with Louis C.K. we never received information about his inappropriate behavior. Now we are considering our further actions,” — the representatives of the channel noted.


The comedian himself has not yet expressed the situation. At the request of The New York Times about the comments of Louis C.K. through his representative said that he would not answer any questions.

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