Instagram of the day: Barbie and Ken in Soviet interiors

Photographer Lara Vychuzhanina brings the famous doll into non-standard interiors and situations.

Instagram of the day: Barbie and Ken in Soviet interiors

A photographer from Ekaterinburg, Lara Vychuzhanina, creates unusual images for Barbie and Ken dolls, and also designs detailed interiors for them. Lara’s most famous work is a scene in a miniature communal kitchen. Ken, whose photo artist renamed Grisha, smokes “Prima”, reads the newspaper “Pravda” and drinks vodka, and his neighbor, who just left the shower — tea with croissants. From the corner after pair watches the cat.

“Newspapers, wall calendars, boxes with tea and cigarettes, milk packaging, labels of canned food, stickers on the refrigerator — all this is authentic and all found in Google,” the photographer tells about the process of creating the work. — For each such thing I measure the required length and height, form in Photoshop on A4 sheet and print out. Boxes — on thick paper to keep the form, newspapers and labels — on thin. The same applies to the tiled floor. It is also found on Google and printed. A faceted glass and glass mugs, sugar bowl, loaves, cans, bottles of drinks, including a bottle of vodka, are bought on Aliexpress. Then I was lucky, I already had all this. The only thing — for a bottle of vodka I had to make my own label.”

Подумываю снять нечто похожее на эти фотографии, но в декорациях деревенского дома. Чтоб тоже был и мужик с водкой, и общая убогость убранства, в общем незамысловатый быт деревенского забулдыги. Конечно же с Гришей в главной роли)) Опять будете сетовать, что уж больно он цивильно выглядит для алкаша:))) . . #dollphotography #lara_v #photography_art #miniature #barbiedoll #toys #dollhouse #dollphotogallery #dollhouseminiatures #fineart #ussr #roombox #barbieworld #dollsofinstagram #communalapartment #kitchen #soviet #sovietkitchen #vodka #barbiemadetomove #ссср #коммуналка #коммунальнаяквартира #советскийсоюз #советскаякухня #алкаш #мужик #советскиймужик #водка #соседи

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