“Les Françaises”: French women thought the lens of photographer Sonia Sieff

Sonia Sieff — director and photographer. She is shooting for 20 years, specializes in genres of fashion, portrait and nude photography. She began her career working with various newspapers, then came into fashion and collaborated with magazines such as Vogue and Elle.

In the spring of 2017, Sonya published a photobook “Les Françaises”, consisting of 155 nude photographs of French women, positively posing in public and private places. It is characteristic that for this album she did not use retouching. Everything is as natural as possible — from postures to make-up. For the book, 32 French women posed. Some of them are unknown to the public, but there were among the models and celebrities, for example, Cecile Cassel, whose picture adorned the cover. The project “Les Françaises” is called an ode to a woman, beauty of the body and nudity.


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