Love is not related to time: Elderly couple won the love of the Internet

Russian photographer Irina Nedyalkova took an incredibly beautiful old couple to show that love is not subject to time.

Our photoshoot is the production and improvisation of the love story on the site. Sergey and Valentina are insanely beautiful models from the one-of-a-kind model agency @oldushkamodels.

Sergei is 45 years old, Valentine 62, they didn’t knew each other.

There is no makeup on the characters, everything, exactly the way you see it really. The heroes were chosen in advance. I and my group of photographers knew that before us is not a real couple with a beautiful love story. We directed our filming, as in a movie. But even we could not restrain ourselves from crying, we turned away, sobbed, wiped away tears and ourselves believed our heroes.

True love or staged?


Elissa Yasamin
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