The model of “racist” advertising by Dove acted in support of the video

A model of Nigerian origin said that it [advertisement] did not carry an incorrect message.

The model of "racist" advertising by Dove acted in support of the video

“I’m a woman from the “racist Dove advertising.” But I’m not a victim,” — with these words begins an interview with Lola Ogunemi, a model of Nigerian origin, who starred in the scandalous advertisement of the cosmetic company. Previously, Dove had to apologize for publishing a lotion advertisement, which many users considered racist. The photo illustrations, which appeared in the facebook of the manufacturer of hygiene products, depict a dark-skinned girl, who gradually turns into a fair-skinned girl.

“I was happy to appear in commercials inspired by the beauty of my race, so the reaction to the video in social networks made me very upset,” says Ogunemi. — If I noticed at least a little hint of incorrect advertising message or something similar to the Dove campaign “before and after”, I would immediately refuse to participate in the shootings. However, the work experience that I had with the Dove team was positive. I had a tremendous time on the set. All the women on set have understood the concept and the overarching goal — to use our differences to emphasize the fact that any skin deserves softness. I remember how all of us were thrilled with the idea of ​​switching T-shirts, turning into each other. We did not know what the final version of the video would look like, and who of us would really be shown in it, but everyone seemed to be in a great mood during the filming, including me.”


Dove’s ‘tone deaf’ advert turns black woman white

Dove has removed an advert from its US Facebook page which appeared to show a black woman turn white. It is not the first time the beauty brand have faced a public backlash and they are not the only company to have been condemned for 'racist' advertising in the beauty industry.

Posted by The Guardian on 10. oktoober 2017. a.

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