How much did ARKit cost Apple?

We are already used to the fact that when Apple is asked about new developments, the company does not comment on them. However, it is difficult to hide all the information when, under the law, the company must report its expenses: thanks to this, we learned how much Apple spent on Augmented Reality and unmanned vehicles.

According to ReadWrite, in the last quarter, Apple’s investment in research and development has almost reached $3 billion, while in the same period last year it was 6.5 percent less. According to the publication, most of the costs were developed in the field of augmented reality and software for unmanned vehicles.

The company’s achievements in augmented reality we already see in the example of ARKit — developers continue to create incredible things with this technology, despite the fact that the official release of iOS 11 has not yet taken place. With unmanned vehicles, everything is less transparent: initially it was assumed that Apple would create its own car, but in fact all the rumors were fiction. As a result, the corporation focused on creating software.


According to analysts’ forecasts, this year Apple’s total investment in research and development may amount to about $ 20 billion.

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