NASA published a photo of clouds on Jupiter

The device Juno, which had sent photographs to Earth, will complete its mission in a couple of months.

The NASA aerospace agency published on its website a snapshot of the clouds of Jupiter, made at the end of October from the board of the interplanetary station Juno. As Gizmodo writes, at the time of shooting, the spacecraft was at an altitude of 18.9 thousand kilometers above the planet’s surface.

The launch of Juno took place in 2011. Among the main tasks of the mission are the study of the gravitational and magnetic fields of Jupiter, as well as the study of its atmosphere: the determination of the content of water and ammonia in it and the construction of a wind map. It is planned that the mission will be completed by February 2018, when the spacecraft will be directed into the atmosphere of the planet and burn in it.

NASA published a photo of clouds on Jupiter


A few months ago photographer Sean Doran released a two-minute video, in which he animated Jupiter’s pictures and created the illusion of flying over the surface of the planet.

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