Nivea was accused of racism because of advertising a cream that “brightens” the skin

At Nivea, all accusations of racism were rejected, saying that they were not going to “belittle” the beauty of black women.

The company Nivea has been accused of racism because of the publication of the advertisement of the Natural Fairness cream. The video, among other things, shows how he “noticeably brightens” the skin of a black model, which puts the remedy on the body, writes the BBC. The advertisement was made especially for African countries — Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and Cameroon.

“Advertisers have every opportunity to influence the situation with the manifestations of racism in the beauty industry. But from time to time we see that these stereotypes continue to be used throughout the world. Making money to make people hate themselves is unacceptable. “Whitening” creams are not only harmful to health, they are inadmissible, including for ethical reasons,” — said the British model Munro Bergdorf.

Earlier similar scandal has arisen with advertising of lotion Dove which many users have considered racist. In the video it was shown how a dark-skinned girl gradually turns into a fair-skinned girl. The heroine of the scandalous movie herself stated that she did not see an incorrect message in the advertisement.

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