One of the revolutionary features of the iPhone 8 will be its price

Various sources have repeatedly reported that the new jubilee iPhone will have an unprecedentedly high price, which will exceed the psychological mark of $1,000. Now, when analysts have more or less specific data placed by Apple orders for components, you can more accurately predict the approximate price of the novelty.

Expert of Goldman Sachs Simona Jankowski published a note for investors, in which, referring to sources in the supply chain, Apple reported the approximate price of the new iPhone. So, the base 128-gigabyte version of the smartphone will cost $999, while the top model with a memory capacity of 257 GB will cost the buyer $1099.

For comparison: today the most expensive smartphone Apple is 256-gigabyte iPhone 7 Plus, for which the company in the US asks for $969.


If these rumors are confirmed, then Apple will continue to create standards in the smartphone market. And if earlier it concerned innovations and technologies, now we are talking about cost. Are you ready to pay such an impressive amount for a mobile phone?

Zotikos Iro

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