In the picture of the XIX century people found an “iPhone”

Similar to the mobile device, the subject was found on the work of Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller.

Already for several years, Internet users occasionally find on old pictures objects similar to smartphones — to take the images depicted on these canvases for something else is usually quite difficult. Last year, for example, Apple CEO Tim Cook paid attention to a picture of the XVII century, the heroine of which holds something very similar to a mobile device. And in the summer of 2017 the viral popularity in social networks was received by the canvas in 1937, where the “smartphone” in his hand depicted an Indian.

According to Motherboard, Peter Russell, a former state official from Glasgow, recently discovered another similar picture. The woman on it walks along the path, burying herself in an object very reminiscent of a smartphone. The canvas, which we are talking about, is the work of Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller “The expected woman”, the picture is dated 1860.

The expected woman, Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller
The expected woman, Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

The expected woman, Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller


As the executive director of the Austrian art agency Herald Weinpolter said, in fact, the picture, of course, depicts not an iPhone, but a small prayer book — according to the story the girl reads it on the way to the church. However, how much the context of time changes the perception of the canvas is amazing, Peter Russell added: “In the 1850s or 1860s, any person who saw this picture would easily determine what is depicted on it. Today, all see only the girl, absorbed by social networks in her smartphone.”

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