Queen guitarist Brian May was indignant over the photographer’s complaint about using photograph without permission

“You not only took my picture and are evidently exploiting my image, and making money off me without so much as a ‘by your leave’ — but you actually stop me using a picture of myself!”

Queen guitarist Brian May was indignant over the photographer's complaint about using photograph without permission
Man on the photo: Brian May / Queen guitarist

Queen guitarist Brian May published a statement in which he said that recently Instagram temporarily blocked his account for copyright infringement. The reason — the musician posted a photo from his concert, without asking permission from the author of the picture — Barbara Kremer. To the service manager, according to May, complained the photographer herself.

The musician was so outraged by a complaint about copyright infringement that he even threatened Kremer: she would never receive accreditation for Queen performances. “What an unfriendly step, Barbara! You not only photographed me to earn money on me in this way, you also forbid me to use my own photo! In what a crazy world we all live,” — wrote May.

According to him, the situation could be solved more simply: “Usually I’m very attentive to indicating the name of the author of the photo, but on that day I, apparently, just forgot to do it. And instead of just writing me a personal message asking me to mention her, Barbara complains about me to Instagram.”

Internet users responded to the publication of the musician in different ways. Some supported him, others stood up for the author of the photo, May, apparently, does not understand how copyright works on photographs.


Interestingly, when it came to Queen songs, Brian May actively defended the principles of copyright. In particular — last year, when the song We Are the Champions without permission was played during one of the pre-election performances of Donald Trump. As PetaPixel notes, in May, May also signed an appeal to the Prime Minister of Great Britain, urging him to strengthen the fight against Internet piracy.

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