The second beta versions of iOS 10.3.2, macOS 10.12.5, tvOS 10.2.1 and watchOS 3.2.2 were released.

Monday evening is the time when developers of applications for operating systems from Apple can expect the release of new beta versions. Sometimes they linger, but not today. The second beta version of iOS 10.3.2, macOS 10.12.5, tvOS 10.2.1 and watchOS 3.2.2 are already available to registered developers.

In the first beta versions of these operating systems, we could not find anything really interesting. A lot of innovations Apple has given to users of its devices with the latest major updates. From the following updates, you should expect only imperceptible improvements and bug fixes.

Of course, it is in such versions that the detailed work on the errors is important. Apple needs the help of developers and participants in the public beta program. We know that many of our readers like to install beta versions from Apple. We urge you to actively inform the company about the deficiencies found. This will help all users.

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