Street art project asked the residents of the English city for intimate photos

According to the idea, any passer-by can pronounce the phrase into a microphone and it will be displayed on the tower of the dam in large letters.

As part of the installation of Michael Pinsky“The City Speaks” in Kingston-upon-Hull, there was a technical failure, according to the publication Artnet. The idea of ​​the project is that every passer-by can pronounce the phrase in a microphone and see it on the tower of a local dam. However, it turned out that the project system is not ready to correctly recognize the Yorkshire accent. Due to the fact that the computer was not always able to make out the speaker’s words, for example, a request to send intimate photos and the word “ejaculation” appeared over the city.

“This is a cutting-edge project that has never been done before. I’ve always been interested in voice recognition technology, but only now I have been able to turn it into a work of art, “Pinsky said in an interview. “Over time, technology will learn the accent and will become better and better.”

The installation “The City Speaks” is one of nine works included in the annual program of urban art “Look Up”. It also features Bob and Robert Smith and Claire Morgan. The initiative is managed by Hull UK City of Culture 2017, a charitable foundation set up to conduct cultural programs in Yorkshire.


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