The tenth beta version of iOS 11 is out

About a week has passed since the release of the ninth beta version of iOS 11. This period is enough for Apple to be able to change something by releasing a new firmware assembly. The tenth beta version is available to registered developers right now. It is possible that it will be installed on their devices at the moment when they will announce the release date of the final assembly.

The closer we are to the release of iOS 11, the less changes and innovations are found in beta versions. Obviously, the company’s engineers focused on the stability of the new version of the software. Of course, we do not want to see bugs in the public version of the firmware.


It is worth noting that the new assembly is also available for participants of the public beta program. You can hurry with the installation. Most likely, not too much time is spent for testing. As early as September 12, we must find out the date of release of iOS 11 to the masses.

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