In the US for Halloween was released a children’s “Anne Frank suit”

Users were angry at the sale of a suit resembling the clothes of a Holocaust victim.

In the US for Halloween was released a children's "Anne Frank suit"

American and international Internet sites offered as one of the goods to Halloween a children’s “suit of Anne Frank” — a Jewish girl from the Netherlands, who died in a German concentration camp. On the sites of Walmart and Amazon, the product appeared as “the costume of a girl evacuated during World War II”. After the dress, reminiscent of the clothes of the victim of the Holocaust, was criticized in social networks, some retailers withdrew it from sale. However, on Amazon it is still available and costs $15.88 without shipping.

“We offer a wide range of costumes not only for Halloween, but for other purposes, for example for school performances. Including the costumes of historical characters. We apologize for any insult, because it was by no means our intention,” — quotes the representative of edition of Time.

Anna Frank was one of more than a million Jewish children who died during the Holocaust. While in the shelter, Anna kept a diary, where she wrote down her hopes and experiences. This diary, found in a secret room after the arrest of the family, was retained by Mip Gees, one of those who helped hide the Frank family. After the war, the diary was published in many languages ​​and introduced into the school curricula of many countries around the world.

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