Video: 77-year-old Japanese artist paints pictures in Excel

In the creation of digital paintings Tatsuo Horiuchi has been engaged for 17 years.

On the project channel Great Big Story appeared a three-minute video about the 77-year-old artist Tatsuo Horiuchi, who creates pictures using the Excel program. According to Horiuchi, after retiring, he realized that he wanted to paint, but he had no money for expensive canvases, paints and brushes — and the idea of ​​using a tool from Microsoft appeared.

“I asked myself:” How can I paint on my computer? “For this, you do not need to buy paint and other things. It was this greed that led me to Excel, — says the artist. “I set myself the goal: in 10 years to draw something worthy that I could show people.”

At first, Horiuchi remembers, many were skeptical about his hobby. The people around did not understand why to draw pictures in a program that is not intended for this.” “Are you a fool?” — they told me. Yes, I’m a fool. But in Excel you can draw as much as you want — even if you do not have any talent,” the author of the works notes.

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