Yashica unveiled a camera that works with “digital films”

Yashica Y35 — a digital camera, work with which is arranged as if you’re working with an analog camera.

Yashica unveiled a camera that works with "digital films"

On October 10 on Kickstarter began pre-ordering the camera Yashica Y35. Film cameras of this Japanese brand used to be very popular, but about ten years ago their production ceased. The new camera is digital, but the whole process of working with it is designed to resume the tradition of analog photography, writes PetaPixel.

The main feature of Y35 is the “digital films” of digiFilm. To take a picture, users will have to insert special cartridges into the device. From their characteristics (first of all, ISO values) will depend on what the final shots will come out. Change the settings on the camera itself will not work — as well as no option to delete unsuccessful photos.


“Filming with Yashica Y35 is a journey to the truth. You do not have the opportunity to see a preview of the photos on the display, you can not delete the picture and thus hide from your mistakes, the creators say. — Y35 will take you back to the world of analog shooting, when we all exerted a little more effort before pressing the shutter release.”

The Y35 design is a replica of the Yashica Electro 35 camera. The device is equipped with a matrix with a resolution of 14 megapixels and a 35 mm lens with a f/2.8 aperture. The camera works on conventional AA batteries and is equipped with a microUSB port for transferring data to a computer. The cost of Y35 will depend on the equipment — price list available here.

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